How To Put On Makeup Properly?

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Important steps for applying this kind of cosmetic products

Every single cosmetic product has the proper way of applying, so that you can achieve the perfect look. Even that we know for what the components in our beauty kid are for, that doesn’t mean that we can handle them properly.

Yes, mascara is for whimpers but it isn’t said that it is advisable to apply several layers of mascara one after another with a twenty second break between them, so that is has time to dry.

Exactly these little tricks are essential. We present to you the proper makeup and the pieces of advice for it, according to the different parts of the face.

1. Expiry date.

Before using any product, it is compulsory to check the expiry date. No matter if the cosmetic product is your favorite, if the time in which you should have used has passed, it is very possible to get red spots and even infections. Throw out the mascara after three months, eye shadows after between nine and eighteen months and sharpen your pencils regularly to keep them clean.

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