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Spicy Food- Healthy Or Not?

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What are the effects of the consumption of spicy food?

Sometimes people can feel pleasure from the pain. Spicy food, for example- some could be so spicy that it literally hurts. Nevertheless, meals with a piquant or strongly hot taste are preferred by millions of people. One of the theories is that it is just for the feeling and the fight between the body and mind. Another one is that spicy food is actually healthy. See if it is true and if it could cause health problems.
Benefits for our health thanks to the consumption of spicy food:

1. Losing weight.

The seasoning with something hot and spicy will make every dish more delicious. This way you can stick to your diet easier. What is more, spicy food stimulates the metabolism. Studies show that the main compound in the hot peppers is called capsaicin which has a burning effect and makes the body burn more calories.

2. Healthy heart.

Researches suggest that in countries where there is more spicy food being eaten, there are less cases of a heart attack or a stroke. It is believed that hot peppers can lower the harmful effects from the bad cholesterol and the capsaicin can fight inflammation, which is a factor for heart problems.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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