Dying your hair? Think very well about it!

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This is what you should have in mind

The beauty trends about hair colors are changing every season. We all remember the days in which the golden blonde hairs ruled the catwalks.

After that came time for the red raven and warm chestnut hair, and then it came to bronde in spring- summer of 2015.

For the more fearless ladies neon colors find their place on their scalps and the experiments with them can be numerous.

All this is very beautiful and interesting but we shouldn’t forget that every change affects greatly on our hair. These harmful habits give us dry hair, leave it without gloss and with time it just thinners and also loses its own color- the thing for which we made this sacrifice in the first place.

This is what you should think about before beginning with dying your hair:

1. The health of your hair.

This is the first thing you should think about. The color of your hair will stay longer and will look better if it’s put on a hair which is healthy. If you see that your hair is splitting often or drying, such procedure will only make it worse. Before dying you should definitely make a therapy week with hydrating masks.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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