How Do Hormones Affect Your Weight?

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See which their negative effects are

Have you ever suspected that the estrogen is the reason for the every day decrease of your energy? Or that the hormone of hunger- ghrelin, can make you want to eat every few hours?

As you know hormones are extremely important for the right functioning of the body but they aren’t always your friend. They affect your mood, your motivation and your eating habits.

This is why it is not surprising that hormones can play an important role in weight loss. When the hormones are in balance you won’t have any problems. But if they are not, different signals occur which can prevent you from getting the wanted weight.

1. Hormones make you feel hungry.

We’ve all been in situations in which we feel really hungry. You might have eaten a few hours before that but you are hungry again and that for no reason. The scary combination of hunger and anger is maintained by hypoglycemia- a main problem for women, which occurs because of low blood sugar.
In these moments one needs to consume carbohydrates as they make you feel better mentally, thanks to the hormone serotonin. If you want your mood to be stable you should eat healthy fats and rich in fiber carbohydrates.

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