A Diet For Removing Fats From Your Belly

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The base of this diet is the Mediterranean diet

It is most difficult to lose the fats from your belly and to make it look tight and in a good form after long fitness sessions. The special created diet for burning belly fats is balanced and promises the feeling of fullness and prevents overeating. It is said that if one follows this eating plan, they can lose 7 kilograms only for a month. The diet is based on fats which are contained in foods like nuts, seeds, chocolate, avocado and olive oil.

In contrast to saturated fats, which plug up the arteries, monounsaturated fats maintain the blood vessels and keep them flexible after digesting. In addition, this diet for losing fats in the belly zone is mostly based on the Mediterranean way of eating. Its ingredients are mainly fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole- grain food, olive oil and fish.

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