How Do The Stars Eat So That They Look Always In Great Shape- Part 2

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Most of them are mothers. Some of them even of 4 children, but when we look at them, we really can’t say that’s true. Yes, they are rich and they can afford a lot of procedures. But as you all know, one procedure can’t keep you slim, if you don’t maintain your figure. And Victoria Beckham, Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum have always been slender and graceful. That is because of their discipline and stubbornness.

Working out isn’t enough to build and maintain a beautiful body. There must also be a serious eating regime. See what these mothers and others put on their plate:

Heidi Klum

The professional fitness trainer David Kirsch was the man who put Heidi on the catwalk for the show of Victoria’s Secret in 2005 weeks after she had given birth to her son Henry. According to People magazine, Klum got back in shape thanks to a low caloric diet, including: protein shake for breakfast; broccoli, chicken and salad for lunch; chili for dinner and some almonds as intermediates.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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