Skin Care Routine- 4 Steps

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To have beautiful skin, this is what you should do

Unfortunately, we can’t get perfect skin. We will always have blackheads from time to time or a pimple. But, there are certain steps which can help you with getting healthier and cleaner skin.

Step 1: No makeup!

Although it is really hard, considering the time we live in, you shouldn’t wear makeup. No concealer, foundation, mascara, eye shadow and so on. It is best not to wear makeup at all. Of course, it is your choice, but still you put on a lot of chemicals onto your skin when you wear makeup. Skin is a highly absorbent organ so you have to be very thoughtful about the things you are putting on it. If you apply those chemicals on your skin on a daily basis it will absorb them, which can lead to a lot of complications.

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