When Shouldn’t We Exercise?

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Not any time is appropriate for a workout

Sport is health, as they say. The regular exercising will protect you from a lot of diseases and will not only improve your physical, but also your mental state. Many studies show that exercising can improve your mood, self- esteem and even release the stress you’ve had. Working out too much, however, can have a negative effect on you. That is why there are certain moments in which we shouldn’t work out.

This is when we shouldn’t exercise:

1. With the smallest symptom of the flu or when you aren’t in a very good condition, it is recommended not to work out. For example, if you feel faintness, higher temperature or any other symptom, it is best to miss your daily exercises. It is a clear sign that your body is fighting some kind of “infection” and if you decide to train, you will weaken your immune system, which will increase the risk of getting sick.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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