What Is The Proper Care for Your Face in The Summer?

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4 Easy Steps

The skin is the biggest human organ – the link between us and the outside world. On it inevitably influence both internal and external factors.
High temperatures, temperature differences, sun rays, air pollution and dust are only part of the enemies of the beauty.
Stress, insomnia, foods rich in salt, smoking and others also play a role in affecting the skin in an unfavorable way.
This leads to the removal of water from the skin’s layers. In order to function properly you need to care for your skin every day – to protect and defend it in the best way.
In the summer the cleaning of the gentle skin daily and good hydration should become a mandatory element of our beautification process. Here are four steps that can take care of your skin during the summer months:

Step 1: Cleaning.

In the recovery process during the night, the skin produces sebum. Cleaning your skin in the morning with a suitable gel removes sebum and ensures that the skin is ready to move on a daily care product. Cleaning it in the evening aims to remove all traces of dirt and makeup. For better effect wash your face, alternating hot and cold water 4 to 5 times. This will improve circulation and hydration.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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