How To Preserve Your Hair?

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Before reaching out to products for hair loss, start with these small changes

Hair loss is one of the biggest worries not only for men but also for women. According to a new research of the Association of Hair Loss, this isn’t only due to the changing of seasons but also our harmful habits. It turns out that 40% of the fallen hairs are because of things we do without even realizing it.

Don’t panic, just look at the pieces of advice from the specialists who can help you preserve your hair vivid and thick:

1. Massage the scalp.

”Massaging the scalp helps with the removal of dead skin and stimulates the growth of hair follicles”, claims the expert Philip Kingsley. Make gentle circular movements with the tops of your fingers while applying shampoo on your head. This way, you will also improve the blood circulation in this part of the head.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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