Pieces Of Advice For A Curly Hairstyle

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How to maintain this beautiful hairstyle?

Everyone loves curly hair, besides the ones who have such hair naturally. The saying that you want which you don’t have, definitely sticks with women, especially when it comes to looks.

This is the reason why the number of women, who turn to cold curling to enjoy beautiful curls, without sleeping with curlers every night, isn’t small at all. Such treatment on the hair can be really harmful to the hair and it can lead to splitting and dryness.

This is one of the reasons why one of the important tasks is to take really good care of your new hairstyle.

We present you some of the most important rules which you should follow if you’ve recently permanently curled your hair:

1. Hydration.

The curled hair needs twice as much hydration and maintaining with cosmetic products than the untreated one. This is so, because this way you help for the recovery of the texture of the hair. What is more, curled hair can be washed only 24- 48 hours after the process has been finished. This is important and you should have it in mind- use hair balsam every single time when you take a shower.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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