The Perfect Eyebrows

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See how you should shape and fill your eyebrows

Nowadays, there is a lot of talking about eyebrows. When we turn on our TV or surf on the internet we see pictures of models, actresses and other celebrities, who look always stunning all the time, and we try to look like them.
When it comes to the face, not only the makeup stands out. We also look at the eyebrows, which, in these days, are ticker than a few years ago, when the thinner ones were trendier.

So, if you want beautiful eyebrows see how you can do that.

The first thing that you should do is use a primer. This helps your eyebrows to stay put throughout the whole day. You should apply the primer on them and rub it in.

Next, take an eyebrow brush and brush them in the direction you want them. It is best to firstly brush up, then over and down. Depending on your eyebrows’ color, the next thing you should do is eye line the brow with a pencil. We suggest starting at the bottom and follow the brow all the way to the tail. Once you’ve done the bottom, you do the same thing at the top of the brow.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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