Paint Your Nails Perfectly in 4 Steps

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See how you can have a perfect manicure

When it comes to nails, we all want healthy and good- looking nails. However, sometimes it is hard to apply manicure perfectly, so that’s why, here are a few steps which will help you with that:

Step 1: Removing your old nail polish.

Take a cotton ball and put nail polish remover on it at least 2-3 times so that it is completely soaked. After that, take the cotton ball, press it on your nail and wait for about 10- 15 seconds. When you pull it away you will take all of the nail polish off. This is by far the best technique for removing nail polish. If you rub it back and forth you will have fuzzies all over and it takes longer.

Step 2: Pushing back your cuticles.

Take a bowl and fill it half way with hot water. Then, take half a lemon and squeeze it out in the water. The lemon is antibacterial so you won’t have to worry about dirt getting under your nails. After that, soak your hands in the lemon water. Afterwards, push back your cuticles very gently. Then, wipe your hands with a towel.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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