How Not To Overeat?

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Following seven simple rules

“Just some more bites, it’s really delicious!”. Does this sound familiar? There is no one who once in their lives hasn’t given in to a cooking temptation. The problem comes when you overeat often and you feel that you don’t control the situation.

Simple statistics show that if a person consumes every day with a hundred calories more than they burn, they can gain twenty kilograms for a year. To avoid this risk, you should just restrict the food. These are the seven rules which will help you with that:

1. Don’t eat while standing.

According to a recent research when one eats at the table, they eat with 30% less that when they eat while standing. An expert explains it with pure psychology- even if we just eat a little snack, but we’re sitting, our brain perceives it as something “more serious” and we aren’t hungry after that.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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