Myths Abouth Sunbathing

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In what shouldn’t we believe?

We live in a time in which information is very easily accessible and one of the disadvantages of this fact is that we often don’t know what we should do with so much information.

The topic of sunscreen and sunbathing is one of those spheres in which the myths and legends are more often heard than the actual facts.

It turns out that people honestly believe in many things which are far from the truth. These are the things which you shouldn’t believe:

1. “You can’t get tan with sunscreen milk.”.

This is a myth which has been very popular for a long time. The only thing that sunscreen milk doesn’t allow is the skin to get burned, in cases when the protective factor is at least SPF 30. Besides, you will get tan, but you will also be protected from the harmful sunrays.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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