The Best Meals For After A Workout

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See which meals are best for after the gym

Most people who exercise a lot feel partly guilty when after long minutes of efforts they sit on the table and eat a little bit greedy. During the workout, the body breaks down the muscle glycogen as well as the structures of the muscle protein. Therefore, after exercise the body needs to fill its energy reserves and to “repair” the muscle tissue in order to allow it to grow.
This is why it is important to consume enough carbohydrates so that there is more secretion of insulin, which is responsible for the supply of carbohydrates and amino acids in the muscles.
As a general rule you should consume 0, 8 gr. carbohydrates on one kilogram of your body weight within 30 to 60 minutes after the work out and about 0, 2 to 0, 4 gr. protein on one kilogram of your weight.
These are the 5 meals which are appropriate for after a workout:

1. Fruit smoothie.

Liquid foods are easier and faster to absorb by the body. To get enough whey protein make a smoothie with some yogurt or skimmed milk and add some fruits like banana, mango, watermelon or cantaloupe which contain potassium.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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