What in the makeup of women bothers men?

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See what bothers men, especially on a first date
Every woman thinks what kind of makeup she should use on a first date or how not to be with too much makeup on weekends. Red lipstick or natural makeup, alternative short hair or classic long hair- often the ladies can’t guess what their new dates would prefer.
The perfect makeup according to men isn’t just one. But still, there are some certain things with makeup which annoy men. Here there are:

1. Smokey eyes.

A man associates this kind of makeup on a first date with that he shouldn’t make the woman cry. No words which can offend her or upset her in any way. For such makeup you can waste almost an hour and in the end, it could turn out that you are not so attractive for the man, as much as you think. The dark colors on the eyes are appropriate for models on the catwalk, but not for a romantic date. Men often confuse what eye shadow and mascara is, so they won’t appreciate your effort. In the appearance of Rita Ora the women may be concerned more about the difference between the colors of her eyebrows and hair, but men will look at her eyes which is a little bit too much for them.

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