How To Lose Weight For A Week?

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Of course, don’t expect a miracle, it’s just a good start
You wonder how you’ll fit in that dress until the end of the week without worrying about tearing it apart? Or you just want to give yourself a boost of trust which will help you in the future with fighting kilograms. There are probably a lot more reasons for which a woman wants to lose weight for a week.
Of course, don’t think that for a week you’ll lose weight drastically, still that isn’t desirable. We’ve already mentioned the negative consequences on health from the so- called “fast diets”. Here we’re talking about a kilogram, kilogram and a half. This is how you can achieve that:

1. Don’t eat fast food.

You should forget about fast food. Cook at home and use only healthy products. Take some of this food also to your work, instead of wondering what to eat at the office. The amount of calories which is contained in a menu of a fast food chain is just as much as one should consume for the whole day.

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