Long- Lasting Makeup On Oily Skin- Part 1

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How to achieve that?

Having oily skin isn’t as bad as it sounds. If yours is such, then it is much less likely you get wrinkles, premature aging or fine lines and your skin will be more hydrated.

Of course, there is always one BUT. Oily skin means, however, that having long- lasting makeup will be a much harder task. To look great throughout the day is a serious challenge, especially in the warmer days of the year.
No woman wants to spend the most part of the day for makeup and the biggest dream is to come home in the same way you went out in the morning. Here are some pieces of advice for that how to keep makeup on oily skin:

1. Clean really well in the morning.

The first thing, which is absolutely compulsory, if you have oily skin, is to make sure that you clean your face every morning really well. You should use a product, which contains at least 2% salicylic acid. It will remove the unnecessary oil from the skin, without drying it up. You must wash your hands every time, because, otherwise, you will transmit the contamination directly on the face.

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