Lipstick Rules- Part 2

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Some other practical pieces of advice
Lipsticks are probably one of the cosmetic products which every woman has. Whether or not you like to put makeup on, you certainly know what the power of lipsticks is and how they are capable to change your whole appearance.
This is the reason why we’ve decided to share with you the secret of this product and how to easily use it. This is the second part of lipstick rules, which you should follow every time.

1. Use a pencil.

The saying that the lip pencil could be in the same time your best friend and your worst enemy is widely spread. And that is not for no reason. In fact, it is completely true. In both cases, the pencil has a very important role in creating the perfect lips. Its usage will create the right form and boundaries of your lips, which you should stick to.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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