What Happens When You Give Up Carbohydrates?

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The positive and negative changes
Many nutritionists advise to drastically restrict the carbohydrate intake when on a diet.
But the truth is that carbohydrates are needed by the body and not taking them can affect greatly on your body and wouldn’t be healthy. The solution is to part with the harmful sources of carbohydrates and leave those that are contained in fruits and vegetables.
If you decide to remove carbohydrates completely from your diet, here’s what will happen:

1. It will reduce the water retention in your body.

When you decrease the intake of “bad” carbohydrates, you may notice that your body weakens. This is not due to fat loss. Actually it occurs from the removing of the excess water from your body. “When carbohydrates are retained in the body as glycogen, every gram is stored in the form of water and more than three or four times its weight,” says dietitian Marie Spano.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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