Foods for Naturally Beautiful Hair and Skin

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Include them in your menu for great results
Every year, people around the world spend millions of dollars on products that take care of their hair and skin. Most of them do not realize that in fact the results they seek can be achieved by following an appropriate lifestyle, rather than buying expensive cosmetic products.

The food you eat can be a powerful tool to improve your appearance. Unfortunately, many people choose food based on how many calories it contains and how it will affect their weight.

It is more important to learn to look at foods as funds that can improve your health and at the same time the look of your hair, skin and nails. Feeding your body starts mostly inside with the right food.
These are the foods you should eat for your hair and skin, which will help you achieve your dream results:

1. Red and green vegetables.

Orange-red vegetables are rich in beta- carotene. Your body converts beta- carotene into vitamin A, which has the task to prevent cell damage and premature aging. Studies show that eating foods with these color pigments can make your face look more healthy and beautiful.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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