Foods Which Contain More Iron than a Steak

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Surprise! Most of them are vegetables!

In our human society there are still a lot of misconceptions about food. The meat- eating people usually explain their choice of eating animal products with the fact that “there is no other place” from where they can get the needed nutrients like protein and iron.

This, however, isn’t true at all- as well as for the iron and for the proteins. Iron is essential for the body because it has the task to deliver fresh oxygen to it through our blood.

Iron gives us mental energy and when it is in smaller amounts, it can cause some muscle pain during exercising.

The recommended daily dose of iron which people should consume is 18 milligram. And if you think that the steak is the best way to provide your body with iron, then you are definitely wrong. There are far more appropriate foods which contain more iron.

Here there are:

1. Beans.

In one cup of beans there is about 4 milligram. iron, 225 calories, 0 gr. fats and the unbelievable 40 gr. protein. You can use it alone or like an addition to salads.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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