Foods and Drinks That Ruin Your Beauty

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With the consumption of what should we be careful?

Sometimes it happens that we do the proper skin care, but not only that we do not see the effect, but we feel that we start actually to look worse. Whether we clean, hydrate or exfoliate regularly the care of the inside also matters.
It’s true, that the beauty comes from the inside and not the outside. As you know, the food we eat has a great effect on the whole condition of our body, including the skin.
We are literally what we eat. These are the foods which ruin our appearance. Try to limit their consumption as much possible.

1. Sodas.

Processed foods and empty calories do not only interfere with the body to properly absorb nutrients, but have also a bad influence on the growth of hair and the delicate skin. Sodas and anything that contains caffeine leads to dehydration and can quickly lead to premature aging and wrinkling. Instead of that, drink plenty of water.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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