An Eating Regime Against Cellulite

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Find out which food is good for your skin and which is not

Almost every woman faces cellulite in a moment of her life. A lot of factors affect on the formation of the so- called orange skin, as one of them is the eating regime. Hormonal imbalance, genes, overweight and stress can also affect on this condition of the skin.

It isn’t always about the levels of fat in the body- athletes also have cellulite although in most cases it isn’t much. According to experts, the orange skin is connected with hormones. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a smoother skin.

Actually, the eating regime can sometimes be the key. This is the diet which will help you with the fight against orange skin:

1. Eat green vegetables.
Eat more broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers and cauliflower, because they support the detoxification of the liver enzymes. You should help your body to remove the unnecessary estrogen. If your estrogen is imbalanced it is more likely that you suffer from skin problems. Onions and garlic could also help.

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