Some Easy Ways to Decrease the Intake of Calories with Every Meal

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By this you can save up to 100 calories a meal

It is not necessary to deprive yourself of food in order to be in shape. There are several food substitutes that are so painless that you will notice that you’ve lost weight not by how much you have not eaten but when you put on your jeans and they are too big.

They look fragile and innocent but actually these temptations are enormous caloric bombs.
It is clear that the intake of fewer calories will help you lose weight. But, when you deprive yourself of food and you skip breakfast it will only make you feel more hungry and irritable. What is more, the chance to feel tempted is much bigger.
The real solution is just to cut out on some additions to you meals (frankly, your taste buds won’t even notice that they are missing) as you replace some much caloric with more diet ones. Try some of these tips and you will soon be thinner and healthier.

1. Instead of a croissant, eat two roasted slices of whole grain bread with some butter or cream cheese.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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