A Diet For Fast Metabolism

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Another whim or a long- term change of life?

The diet for fast metabolism is based on one principle: eat more food and lose more kilograms. At the moment this new diet is a real hit as it promises the loss of 10 kilograms for four weeks. The book “The Fast Metabolism Diet” is written by the Hollywood eating expert Haylie Pomroy. What is the truth about it and is it really so effective as they say, see for yourself:

The condition

In contrast to other diets which are focused on restricting the intake of food, the diet of Pomroy suggests that the best way to lose weight is when you focus on the better exchange of the nutrients. For this reason the diet should encourage people to eat more to fasten their metabolism. It is suggested to eat three times and have two intermediate meals every day. The expert thinks that the consumption of high in calories food may improve the metabolism which is slowed down because of restricting eating and bad diets.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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