Dates- Healthy Gifts From Nature

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See what the 10 benefits of eating dates are

Dates are an extremely valuable and healthy fruit, one of the most ancient ones. They originally come from the Arab countries where these pieces of fruit were really lovable. Even then, their benefits for the human’s body were known and according to some reports, dates were the main food of Arab soldiers, Bedouins, Egyptians and Chinese centenarians- all people who lived in an environments with not enough food and extreme conditions.

You can mostly buy dried dates, which mainly come from North Africa, Turkey, Tunis, Morocco, and Egypt. The fresh ones are quite hard and aren’t so delicious and sweet, because only when they’ve become ripe and dried they get their taste. First, they become orange and after they’ve fermented and lost their moisture, they become golden to dark brown and are really sweet. Then, their content changes and the nutrients are much more than before.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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