Dark Lip Routine

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If you love dark lipsticks, see how you should apply them

As fall is already here, darker colors are going to be worn. The same goes for makeup- darker eye shadow and darker lipstick. Many people think that applying lipstick is a really simple thing to do, but actually it is not. See how you should apply dark lipstick for a great effect.

The first thing you should do, which is really important, is to make a scrub. For that you will need sugar and olive or coconut oil. Make the mixture and apply it on your lips, by scrubbing it. Then, remove it with a paper towel. If you still have dead skin on your lips, do the same thing again. After that apply lip balm.

Although it is hard for women to admit it, we have hairs around our mouths, they don’t create a mustache, but still- they are there and they should be removed. So, remove the hairs with any mean you like, if you want, of course.
Then, brush your teeth. It is really important that you do this before applying lipstick.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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