Cut Crease Makeup

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Make this beautiful makeup on your own

The cut crease makeup is probably one of the most beautiful looks. It really emphasizes on your eyes and it is great for every occasion. Although it might seem difficult to do it, see how you can make it on your own.

Just like with any other look, you should first do your eyebrows. Shape them and fill them in like you always do.

For the makeup itself, you should start with applying brown gel eyeliner with a thin brush. It is really easy to apply the gel and make a clean line with it that is why you should use it. Apply it above your crease. Once you’ve done that, blend the gel upward, because the eye shadow needs to blend in that line. After that, take the hot chocolate color eye shadow and blend that color into the gel line with a brush. Blend it only upward and don’t go below the line. To blend these two colors together, use brown eye shadow.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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