How Does Cold Weather Affect Our Bodies?

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What kinds of changes occur in our bodies?

Autumn is already here and winter will come very soon. The change of seasons, however, will not only affect your wardrobe, but also the way you feel. And we don’t only talk about depression, which some people have during these seasons.
Your body also reacts on the changes in the temperature and that in different ways. Unfortunately, these ways are neither positive nor pleasant. To find out how exactly the cold seasons affect your body, read the following lines.

1. Headaches and migraine.

One of the reasons for having a headache is the shrinking of blood vessels in the brain. Cold weather, in turn, can cause exactly this shrinking of the vessels and decrease the blood flow. Migraine, on the other hand, can be caused from coldness or from the gleams of the sun rays.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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