Why Is Taking A Cold Shower Healthy?

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Even coldness has its beneficial effects

Most of us take a cold shower only when there is no warm water for some reason or if we’ve decided to go to a “wilder” place, where there isn’t any. A cold shower, however, isn’t that bad- on the contrary, it is great for our health and gives us a lot of benefits.

Experts recommend a temperature of 15 °C or even lower when taking a cold shower as these degrees can give us the benefits. If you want to switch to colder showers, gradually increase the time, which you spend under the cold water.
To find out why it is necessary to do this, see which the positive effects are:

1. It improves the mood.

Hydrotherapy with cold water affects the mood just like when you take anti- depression pills. It is enough to stay for 2-3 minutes under the cold water every day and after two weeks, you will notice the change.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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