Beer- delicious and useful

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But still, nothing too much is good

Beer has millions of fans all around the world and of course there are reasons for that. Many studies show that beer can be a part of a healthy way of life. OF course, if you consume it in the right amount- 2 small glasses of beer for the women and for the men- 3 glasses a day.

Beer is a source of hop. The content of this drink is brewer’s yeast, water and malt. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are included in the raw materials used in the manufacture of amber liquid. Depending on the recipe, on which it is prepared, is determined the percentage of alcohol in the beverage ranging from less than 3% to 17%.

The qualities of beer depend on the density, the concentration of the dry substances in it. Traditionally, its density is 12%; otherwise you can find it also from about 8% to 12%. The density is directly related to the alcohol content, at a density of 12% it is about 5%.
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