The Beauty Secrets Of Candice Swanepoel

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The model shares her tricks and pieces of advice

Generally said, the women of Victoria’s Secret are angels who represent the female perfection. Their ideal bodies, beauty and the skill to show all the benefits from being a woman make them favorite among men as well as women.

The thing which has always interested us is the way they take care of their perfect looks- the little secrets about beauty which we can apply in our daily life and at least get a little near them.

They asked Candice Swanepoel about her pieces of advice and her daily practice, associated with looks, from Vogue. See what she said:

1. What kind of products do you use on your skin?

As I wear always so much makeup on my work, it is very important to maintain my skin clean. That is why I use a natural cleansing product with tea tree oil and green tea. I use natural coconut butter to remove the make up and I add it to my smoothies so that I can keep my skin glowing from the inside. It is an incredible beauty product. The main thing which my mother has taught me is that you are never too young to start to take care of your skin. No matter how tired I am, I never sleep with make- up.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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