How To Apply Perfume Properly?

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See how to do it in the right way and what the most common mistakes are
Perfume is something everyone should have, because it is a really great invention. There are a lot of types and common mistakes we make, so we’ve decided to emphasize on perfume.

1. Perfume balm.

This type is not ideal, because the whole idea of using perfume is spraying it. It is really handy however that it is great for travelling and it tends to last longer as it is not heat and light sensitive. You can apply it discretely, which is also an advantage.

2. Eau de cologne.

This type is mostly for men, but there are also women versions. This is probably the lightest perfume of all as it contains only 3-5% aromatic compounds. You can be quite generous with this one and spread it wherever you want- on the side of the neck, back of the neck, wrists, elbows, back of the knees (if you are wearing shorts or a skirt or dress).….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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