9 Rules About Drinking Tea

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It may be easy to prepare it but many don’t know about the right consumption of it

The homeland of tea is China and the famous ruler Shennong was pronounced its discoverer. A very long time ago the Chinese only boiled their water and put some aromatic oils and spices in it, but according to the legend, one day while Shennong was in the garden of his palace, some leaves of an unknown tree fell into his water. It quickly changed its color and when the emperor drank it he remained fascinated by the fresh taste and aroma of the drink.

Since then, the world has been conquered by this elixir. Even if you ask the Arabs they will tell you that the summer heat is ideal for some hot tea.

But even though it is so popular, not everyone knows how to prepare and consume tea. Here are some basic rules:

1. Don’t drink tea on an empty stomach.

This is not recommended because it can affect some of your organs’ temperature and by this make their normal functioning more difficult. There is a Chinese saying: “Don’t drink tea, if your heart it empty.”….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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