7 Causes of Flat Roots

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When it comes to our hair we should be very careful with everything we do to it- the heat treatments, washing it, conditioning it, drying it and so on. Sometimes we can get frizzy hair and more breakage or flat roots. These are the reasons why you may have flat roots and what can solve this problem.

1. Too much conditioner.

This includes deep conditioning, conditioning or co- washing. These three things may be too heavy for your hair. When conditioning, focus on the ends of your hair. If you apply too much on your scalp you will definitely lose more volume.

2. Too much styling products.

The more products you use the less volume you have. Focus again on your ends and mid hair rather than on your scalp. Use the smallest amount possible to get frizz control but to save your volume.

3. Having no layers.

If your haircut is only one length then you put a lot of weight on the roots, which causes the hair to look flat. Getting a layered haircut will reduce the weight and will allow the roots to curl. You will also have more volume.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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