6 Foods for a Good Mood and a Slim Figure

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Two benefits from one product
One of the biggest problems when losing weight is the bad mood. The decrease in the consumption of calories makes people apathetic and often even irritable. This, in turn, affects the motivation for losing weight and that’s why people usually give up in the beginning of their diet.
This is why it is important for people who want to say goodbye to some of the kilograms to know which foods are suitable for consumption exactly in this period. Professor Lisa Young gives her suggestions for foods which improve your mood and in the same time help you with losing weight. Here there are:

1. Salmon.

The omega- 3 fatty acids in this fish are associated with better mood. What is more, they can help a person with maintaining their weight in a healthy manner, especially when the red meat is replaced with salmon. Try to consume this fish at least twice a week.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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