5 Skincare Tips

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See which steps are really important in the skincare routine

We all hate it when we have pimples or when our skin becomes dry. The good news is that we can prevent all the unpleasant things. We just need to take really

ood care of our skin by following these tips and the results will be really amazing.

Tip 1- Cleaning the face:

Splash warm water all over your face. Use a makeup removing brush to give your face a deep clean. After that, apply a green tea cleanser on the brush and form a huge lather on the back of your hand. This step will save you some time and will even clean your face better. Use gentle circular motions and clean your face. The cleanser is also moisturizing so your skin won’t be dry afterwards. Don’t forget to clean your neck as well. Once you’re done, take a warm wet towel and wipe it off.

Tip 2- Detoxify:

To detoxify the skin, open your pores by putting a hot towel over your face for a few minutes. And that’s it!….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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