5 Makeup Tricks

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Tips that will improve your makeup skills

Just like with every other thing, there are tricks even with makeup. These 5 tricks will help you with improving your makeup skills and will be of help in certain situations. Here there are:

Trick 1:

Do you feel like you have to reapply your lipstick throughout the day? It never lasts more than an hour. You take one sip of a drink and it’s gone. To make it last all day, you need to use a lip liner instead. You should take your lip liner and line your entire lips. Then, flip it to the side and start filling the lips in.

Trick 2:

When the end of the week is coming and you feel exhausted, the bags under your eyes become bigger. The thing that you can do, even at work, is to brighten them up by using a concealer. Apply it under the eyes and blend it with a brush. This automatically brightens your eyes and makes it looks like you’ve slept like a baby the night before.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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