5 Habits From Which You Don’t Know You Gain Weight

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The older you become, the slower your metabolism becomes and there comes a time when you don’t know what to do to stop this process. Studies show that on the average every year women gain about 1 kilogram, which suggests that by the time you become 50 years old you could have gained 20 kilograms. But there are ways to slow this process down and to keep your metabolism normal.

These are the things you should stop doing in order to achieve good results:

1. You are not eating enough.

You should lower the intake of calories, but don’t overdo it.
If you don’t have enough calories, you will ruin your metabolism. When you take less that the minimal quantity of calories which is needed for your body to function right (about 1200 calories a day), your body stops the metabolism. What is more, it begins to breakdown muscle tissue, which burns the calories. Eat enough so that you are not hungry- intermediate meals with about 150 calories will keep your metabolism normal. Even more, if you eat every 3, 4 hours, you won’t overeat with the main meals.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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