5 Fat Burners That We Should Put In Our Water

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See what can make our water more delicious and in the same time burn calories

Everybody knows that a person should drink at least 1, 5 liters water a day. But, if the temperatures are higher, the amount of water which the body needs is also bigger. According to a Hollywood nutritionist, if we add some interesting ingredients to our water we can fasten our metabolism. See which these fat burners are:

1. Citrus fruit.

It is recommended to add lemons or oranges in your water, but even if it’s not one of them, any other citrus fruit can be added, because they are a great source of vitamin C. The body needs a lot of vitamin C to transform fats into energy. Adding vitamin C in your diet is a perfect way to get more energy and the calories will burn faster. The best way is to cut the fruit into pieces and to put them in your water. The fruit will slowly give the water another taste and after you’ve drunk it up you can provide yourself with some extra fiber as you can eat it.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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