5 Exercises, That Don’t Seem Like Exercises

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But are also very effective for losing weight

Probably, most of you, when you hear the word “exercise” you make an association with a wet and sweaty T-shirt, the annoying running on the path and weightlifting, the coach commanding you and putting on the smelly sneakers which you still haven’t washed, but you want to.

If your adjustment to this is with such a bad attitude and you only think about the one painful hour of working out, better do not start with sport. Not everyone likes going to the gym and aerobics. Do not rush to despair because you can perish the same amount of calories in something more enjoyable and useful.

Here is how:

1. Clean up your home.

Housework is better than the gym. Bending, polishing, rearrangement replaces a great cardio workout and the displacement of the furniture in the process replaces the power trainings. It will imperceptibly burn hundreds of calories within an hour. Imagine how much more you’d melt if you cleaned half a day!….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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