5 Beauty Tools Which Are Full of Bacteria

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How Should We Protect Ourselves?
It is not enough only to clean the different brushes and towels, but it’s good to know what exactly causes the accumulation of the so-called “enemies” of the body.

If you suffer from any irritation on the skin and face and you do not know what the exact cause of it is, think for a bit what instruments you use every day. They may just be the cause of the discomfort you experience. These are the beauty instruments that are at the greatest risk of “settlement” of bacteria:

1. Earrings.

The accessories of this type should be disinfected regularly. Otherwise, placing them on different surfaces (tables, desks and nightstands) will help for the “collection” of different bacteria that will be brought directly to the skin. If you do not clean your earrings well, you may have to deal with some serious problems.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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