4 Hairstyles with Rope Braids

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Simple and cute hairstyles

If you like new, unique and interesting hairstyles, then these are just for you. They are easy and really cute, so see how you can do them.

Hairstyle 1:

Finger comb your hair, bring it to the back, place it however you want, giving it some volume, and once you’re happy with how it looks- tie it. Then, take a section of hair on one side, divide it two, twist one of the sections and cross it over. Twist and cross. Keep on doing this until you reach the end. Secure it by tying it. Then, do the same steps on the other side. Take a section of hair, divide it in two, twist one of the sections and cross it over. Cover the hair tie on your ponytail with a section of hair. Pin it in the back so that it stays in place. After that, take one of the braids and bring it to the center of your ponytail and pin it. Do the same with the other braid. Once you’re done with both braids you can tie them at the end.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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