3 Fall Makeup Looks

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Great fall looks, which are easy and beautiful

When the seasons change everything else changes as well: fashion trends, makeup trends and the style of each individual. And when it comes to fall the options you have for a great look are numerous, but these three are really easy and beautiful and will make your appearance complete.

1. Mulberry/ Black cherry lipstick.

First, apply foundation and blush on your face. What you should also do is use concealer. This look is wearable if you don’t do too much on your eyes, so if you want you can put on fake lashes and apply mascara on both lash lines and apply white eyeliner on your waterline. After that, apply eyeliner, but only a thin line, because you wouldn’t want to emphasize on the eyes with this look. Then, apply some bronzer. Once you’ve done that apply concealer on your lips and line them. After that, apply your lipstick of choice and fill in the lips. Then, to remove the excess lipstick, you should put your finger in your mouth through the center and sides. After that, clean up the edges with some concealer.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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