10 Incredible Food Life Hacks You Need To Know

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See what will make your life easier

When you have trouble with a can or jar or when you want to reheat something, but not in the microwave, see how you can do it.

1. You need to get that jar open? Grab some duck tape and cover half the lid. Now, pull hard from the other side and it’s done.

2. You want to water the plants, but you don’t have a watering can? Grab an empty bottle and fill it with water. Poke holes on the top and water your plants.

3. Have you ever wanted to make a gourmet breakfast, but cooking is not your strong side? Cut some large circles from an onion. Toss them in the pan on medium heat. After a minute, crack eggs right into the circles and let it cook for three minutes covered.

4. Do you want to keep your cookies soft? Grab a slice of bread and place it into the container with the cookies. The bread will release moisture which will keep your cookies nice and soft.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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