10 Fashion Tricks

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We have all had problems at some point with stains or anything else. See the solution to them
Sometimes when we are in a hurry our favorite jacket’s zipper gets stuck and we can’t get it back to normal. Or, we have just put our makeup and when we get dressed, there are stains on our clothes from the foundation. But, for every problem- there is a solution. Here are 10 fashion tricks, which could save you in the last minute. See what the solutions to the small, but terrible problems are.

Trick 1:

I believe that most women have suede shoes. When you wear these kinds of shoes and you go out with them, usually there appears dirt. The thing that will make your shoes look like new is a nail file. Gently go over the shoe with the nail file and then remove the excess from it.

Trick 2:

This one is for fixing the button that moves all the time and which annoys us all. All you have to do is to apply some clear nail polish on the button to stick it down and hold it in place. It will last for a couple of wears.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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