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Why Isn’t Your Hair Growing?

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Some reasons why your hair won’t reach the length you want

If the length of your hair isn’t growing, although you really dream about it, then you may not have paid attention to some factors which influence on the growth of hair.

Here are some of the reasons, why your hair isn’t growing:

1. Your genes are to blame.

Every person has an individual cycle of hair growth. What is more, the potential for length is different for every hair. There is an option that your hair has already reached its maximum length and cannot grow anymore without splitting. The phase of growing is mainly determined by the genes of a person and it usually takes from two to six years. Thus, if you are growing it already for about 2, 3 years and there are no results, don’t get mad, maybe your cycle has ended. On the average, hair grows 1- 2 cm. a month.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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